Mission: Impossible IIISummary: Retired IMF agent Ethan Hunt gets thrown back into the mix when his protégé Agent Lindsey Farris gets captured in Berlin by Owen Davian, a prominent dealer in the international black market. After his failure to save her, Ethan decides to go after Davian himself. But this causes the kidnapping of Ethan’s wife Julia, forcing him to jump through hoops for Davian, as he tries to find her before Davian has her killed.

Fellow IMF agent Luther Stickell returns from the first two movies.

Mission: Impossible Products

Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt
Philip Seymour Hoffman as Owen Davian
Ving Rhames as Luther Stickell
Billy Crudup as John Musgrave
Michelle Monaghan as Julia Mead
Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Declan Gormley
Keri Russell as Lindsey Farris
Maggie Q as Zhen Lei
Simon Pegg as Benji Dunn
Eddie Marsan as Brownway
Laurence Fishburne as Theodore Brassel


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