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Exposé – Mystery Box Revealed – Released by Theory11

Mystery BoxPresented by J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot, in collaboration with theory11, Mystery Box is finally available! You can get a beautiful, hand-crafted lockbox, and keep it sealed forever, or open it up to access the mysteries inside. Or you can get a deck of playing cards. Either way, you’ll be helping support a charity that promotes creative writing around the USA.

The Mystery Lockbox

A handcrafted, wooden lockbox made of 100-year-old reclaimed wood, containing 12 decks of Mystery Box Playing Cards. Each box is locked with an alphanumeric combination, and the lid is iron-branded with the Mystery Box emblem.

Share the Wonder

$1 per deck purchased will be donated to 826 National, a non-profit dedicated to promoting creative writing in schools and workshops around the USA.

Design of the Details

Each deck of Mystery Box Playing Cards is sealed with a kraft paper, letterpress wrap that inspires intrigue and endless wonder. Keep it closed, tear it open, or share the experience with a friend. The choice is yours.

Printing Process

The playing cards, the outer wrapping, and the wooden lockbox are Made in the USA. Each deck uses FSC-certified paper derived from sustainable forests, vegetable-based inks, and starch-based laminates.


Each deck is individually wrapped in letterpressed kraft paper, with the Mystery Box question mark emblem printed on the front. Art direction by J.J. Abrams and Jonathan Bayme.

Bad Robot will donate $1 per deck purchased to 826 National, a non-profit dedicated to promoting creative writing in schools and workshops around the USA. Help us share the wonder.


Includes 12 Mystery Box Playing Cards wrapped in letterpressed kraft paper. The decks are housed in a handcrafted wood box made of 100 year old reclaimed wood. Each lockbox is iron-branded and locked with an alpha-numeric combination lock.

The lock box includes a letterpressed note from J.J. Abrams enclosed in a kraft paper envelope stamped with a black wax seal. Each lockbox is handcrafted. Please allow one week for shipping.

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Abrams uses Movies and TV to spread Social Good

J.J. Abrams - Mashable Social GoodJ.J. Abrams spoke at Mashable’s Social Good Summit via Skype on Monday, revealing that there is more to his movies and television shows than just keeping you on the edge of your seat.  While this is something that we’ve always known, we didn’t really know about the social good that came along.

“If we have a story we want to tell and can also make a change — that’s great,” Abrams said. “Five U.N. specialists spent time with our writers, and they really helped deepen our story lines and make the challenges even bigger: How do you prevent disease? What is life really like in a refugee camp? The whole notion of warlords is gonna be an issue in the series this year.”

Abrams’ team also met with people that are currently, or have, lived without electricity. “People with real-life experiences helped enormously to give the series a grounding in reality.”

Abrams also created a spin-off of his production company Bad Robot, to help with the social good effort.  It’s called Good Robot.

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J.J. Abrams teams with Jonathan Nolan for Westworld remake for HBO

Westworld (1973)J.J. Abrams is teaming up with Jonathan Nolan (brother and frequent collaborator of Christopher Nolan) on a remake of writer-director Michael Crichton’s 1973 film Westworld. It is a science fiction / western story with a premise well suited for them: A robot malfunction creates havoc and terror for unsuspecting vacationers at a futuristic, adult-themed amusement park.

Warner Brothers has been trying to get a Westworld remake going for years, and HBO has committed to producing a pilot for a TV series.  It will be directed by Jonathan Nolan.  He is also co-writing with his wife, Lisa Joy (Burn Notice).  It will be produced by Jerry Weintraub and Abrams’ Bad Robot Productions.  The remake is described as “a dark odyssey about the dawn of artificial consciousness and the future of sin.”

Jonathan Nolan and J.J. Abrams will serve as executive producers, alongside Jerry Weintraub and Bryan Burk, with Kathy Lingg co-executive producing.  Athena Wickam will produce the series with Warner Brothers TV, Bad Robot, Jerry Weintraub Prods. and Kilter Films.  According to Deadline, it’s one of the biggest commitments HBO has ever made.

Stranger teaser from Bad Robot Productions, what is it?

Stranger - TrailerOn August 19th, Bad Robot Productions posted a teaser called “STRANGER” on YouTube.  It set the internet on fire, with over 2.5 million views in about seven days.

What’s it all about?  Well, quite possibly, the upcoming book, S., from J.J. Abrams and Doug Dorst.