Lost Celebrates 10th Anniversary at SDCC 2014

Lost 10th AnniversaryAt San Diego Comic-Con in 2004, the first episode of Lost premiered. That was 10 years ago this weekend. To commemorate the 10-year anniversary of the show’s broadcast premiere, which was September 22, 2004, ABC’s Comic-Con booth presented a special video. It features showrunners Carton Cuse and Damon Lindelof, as well as a bunch of highlights from the show’s run.

Makes me want to watch the show all over again.

Carlton Cuse says “On September 22, 2004, a groundbreaking new series premiered on ABC. It would become a world-wide phenomenon and an incredible experience for all of us involved. It has been ten years since the premiere of Lost, and in celebration of it’s anniversary the time has come…”

Jack: “We have to go back!”



Damon Lindelof: “If you find yourself yearning to get lost all over again, you’re not alone. The Lost fan base is alive and kicking. So here’s to the next ten years of Lost.”

On screen: LOST 10th Anniversary


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For a second there, I thought this meant they were making a seventh season of Lost. A mini-series, even, that answered more questions and brought us back to the island. Could you imagine? Lost: Season 7. Chills.

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