1. First off yesterday after breakfast before work as I often do I rummaged through YouTube and I stumbled upon a video that said Star Wars the force awakens teaser trailer. Obviously I clicked on the trailer. it was good however something was off about it some of the shots looked very very dirty and very unrealized so that got me thinking and after a minute or two. I realized that I was watching a fan made teaser trailer for the force awakens. After I was done bashing my head into the wall a friend of mine sent me the official trailer for the force awakens Let me tell you when I saw it I cried and goosebumps went up and down my back, finally when the millennium falcon came into frame and went in between those two Thai fighters I screamed out loud that’s more like it JJ thank you God, I have an extremely Close relationship with my grandfather primarily due to the fact that he raised me since I was a child as a favor to my father, ever sense JJ was named as director of Star Wars the force awakens him and I have had this running agreement, my grandfather is getting up there in age with him being 79 years old at the time of me writing this, the agreement is simply this he cannot die before he has to accompany me to a midnight screening of Star Wars the force awakens at midnight on 18 December 2015, if he does die before then I will not only be upset but I will go mad and I will try some Frankenstein-ish way to bring him back, so that we can experience the rebirth of the greatest saga ever told together

    • I have a similar story, but from a different perspective. My grandfather had died when I was about 12, which was about 3 or so years before I really got into Star Wars. This would have been before the Special Editions came out in theaters. He and I would have likely seen the Star Wars prequels together and had some good times there.

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